Welcome to AAPPA, the gathering place for those of us engaged in the field of educational facilities management, and dedicated to the ongoing evolution of its professionals into influential leaders in education. A copy of our BYLAWS can be found HERE.


  • It is members, from all areas of educational facility professionals -operations, maintenance, engineering, construction, environmental services, sustainability, planning and development.

  • It is business partners who meet with us at chapter conferences to acquaint us with their products and services, and who work with us every day to support what we do.

  • It is educational program presenters who share their knowledge and experience so that you are in touch with the information you need to know and use at your own campuses.

  • It is a chapter board along with committee members who meet regularly to ensure that we continue the behind-the-scenes work needed to keep an organization such as ours relevant to its membership.

  • It is to support educational excellence with quality leadership and professional management through education, research, recognition, and share our knowledge through the following:

  • Peer networking

  • Thought Leadership

  • Benchmarking

  • Best Practices

  • Institutional Value