Why Not Get More Involved?

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Why Not Get More Involved?2014-08-26T10:00:25-03:00

In today’s work force culture, doing more with less has become the standard.
Whether you support facilities operations at a public or private institution or a K-12 organization, facilities professionals are constantly faced with dwindling budgets, reduced resources and aging infrastructure. Yet, the mission remains and in fact often times the operational tempo and customer expectations have increased.

  • How do we do it?
  • How can we stay ahead of the curve and be productive and successful?

One way is to take advantage of what professional organizations have to offer. The Atlantic Chapter of the Eastern Region of APPA, or AAPPA, is one of those professional organizations.

There is a role within the Chapter for everyone, no matter how little or how much involvement you can provide. So, the next time you get your “Save the Date” meeting reminder, register and attend. While there, actively participate and talk with a current board member. You will find they have a sense of purpose of the Chapter and the work we do. You may find a role that suits your talents.